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Looking for reliable and skilled contractors for your business? Whelan Purcell is your trusted partner for all your contracting needs. We specialise in connecting businesses like yours with highly qualified and experienced contractors across various industries.



    Contracting: Your path to seamless project execution

    We understand the unique challenges that businesses face when it comes to managing diverse projects and sourcing skilled professionals. That's why our contracting solutions are designed to provide you with the right talent and resources to meet your project requirements, on time and within budget.

    With our extensive network of contractors, we have access to a diverse pool of talent ready to take on your projects. Whether you need contractors for short-term assignments or long-term projects, we have the resources to fulfil your contracting requirements.

    We carefully vet and select contractors who possess the necessary skills, expertise, and industry experience to meet your project demands. Our focus is on providing you with highly qualified professionals who can seamlessly integrate into your team and deliver exceptional results.

    We understand that project requirements can change and evolve. Our contracting services offer flexibility and scalability, allowing you to quickly scale up or down your contractor workforce based on project demands. This ensures that you have the right resources at the right time, optimising your operational efficiency.

    We make the contracting process seamless and efficient for you. From initial contractor selection and onboarding to contract management and payment processing, we handle the administrative tasks, saving you time and resources. This allows you to focus on driving your projects forward.

    By partnering with us for contracting, you can achieve cost savings. Instead of investing in full-time employees for temporary projects, our contracting services offer a cost-effective alternative. You can avoid recruitment costs, training expenses, and benefits associated with permanent hires, ultimately optimising your project budget.





    Building with Timeless Beauty and Lasting Durability.

    Brickworks is an art form that combines the beauty of design with the strength of construction. At Whelan Purcell, we specialise in creating stunning brickwork that adds character and durability to residential and commercial projects.

    Our skilled craftsmen bring expertise and precision to every brickwork project, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and a seamless finish. From intricate façades to elegant interior features, our brickwork solutions elevate the aesthetic appeal and enhance the structural integrity of your space.

    With a wide selection of high-quality bricks and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, Whelan Purcell is your trusted partner for all your brickwork needs. Let us transform your vision into a timeless masterpiece with our expertise in brickworks.


    Building Solid Foundations for Success.

    At Whelan Purcell, we understand the vital role that groundworks play in any construction project. With expertise and precision, we lay the groundwork for success by ensuring solid foundations that support the structural integrity and long-term stability of your building.

    Our experienced team specialises in a wide range of groundworks services, including site clearance, excavation, foundation installation, drainage systems, and more. We combine industry knowledge with advanced techniques to deliver efficient and reliable solutions tailored to your specific project requirements.

    With a meticulous approach and attention to detail, we prioritise quality and safety in every aspect of our groundworks. Whether it’s a residential development or a large-scale commercial project, our commitment to excellence ensures that your foundations are built to withstand the test of time.

    Partner with Whelan Purcell for your groundworks needs and benefit from our comprehensive expertise, reliable service, and dedication to delivering exceptional results. Let us lay the groundwork for your success, providing a solid foundation on which to build your vision.


    Safety, Stability, and Access Solutions for Elevated Success.

    Our experienced team specialises in designing and erecting scaffolding systems that meet the highest safety standards and regulatory requirements. We carefully assess your project needs, considering factors such as site layout, load requirements, and access points to create a tailored scaffolding solution that ensures a safe working environment for your team.

    When it comes to working at heights, Whelan Purcell offers reliable scaffolding solutions that prioritise safety, stability, and efficient access. We understand the critical role that scaffolding plays in providing a secure working platform for construction, maintenance, and renovation projects.

    With a focus on stability and durability, our scaffolding structures are built using high-quality materials and undergo rigorous inspections to guarantee their integrity throughout the duration of your project. We offer a wide range of scaffolding options, including traditional tube and coupler systems, modular scaffolding, and specialised solutions for unique project requirements.

    We prioritise efficiency and timeliness, ensuring prompt and reliable scaffolding services to keep your project on track. Our skilled scaffolding experts are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, providing ongoing support, and ensuring smooth operations throughout the entire scaffolding process.

    Partner with Whelan Purcell for your scaffolding needs and experience the peace of mind that comes with working with a trusted provider. Let us elevate your project’s success by providing safe and reliable scaffolding solutions.